Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Nattie said ''thinkerly'' or at least I think it was Nattie. I've been thinking of her a lot lately. Two years ago, on my bday, Dana called to tell me Nattie had died. I can still remember the exact place I was standing when she said the words.

I feel so blessed to have known her, even if it was for a short span of time. I love that she introduced to the Mitford series of books. Anytime I reread those, I think of Nattie and I smile.

Nattie loved pedicures. She liked the color purple and she loved daisies-like me. Every year since she died I've painted my toenails purple for the month of June to honor her memory. Today I got my mani/pedi via the gift certificate my mom gave me for my bday. I spiced things up a little (Nattie would like that, I think) and got a french pedi only with purple tips & had then put a daisy on my toenail too.

I still miss her.

I am more than thankful that I was able to know her.

She was truly, Sparkly Nattie.

Le Sigh.
[tomorrow I have garden pictures and chicken pictures and little girl w/kitten pictures!]

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