Thursday, September 10, 2009

11 on 11th

11 on 11th
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11 on 11th
My Nathan

the one that made me a Mom.
the one that broke me in & showed me the ropes...

he wise beyond his years
and strong willed...

he has a compassionate heart
and a streak of pride...

he is my worrier,
my planner,
my organizer,
my type a...

he loves pizza
and pasta
and marvel
and wrestling

he almost looks me in my eyes,
the boy that is a shadow of a man...

i am so proud of him
my heart both burst and breaks
as I watch him grow...

i see his face cloud with doubt and insecurity

I see him quietly chuckle when he gets it right

i see him
and I think

he will forever be in my heart, this baby of mine.

thank you for waking my soul eleven years ago, nathan

I am so happy to be your Momma.

(I'm thinking this is the last year he will use the bday pillowcase...sigh)