Saturday, August 1, 2015

Simple Saturday

It's  Saturday. 
August 1st
It's the very last marker , in a year that marked everything...

A year ago today
Was Donald's celebration of life service.

After today there will be no more first holidays or events - no more weekly markers...

It's odd to think a year has passed. 
It's amazing the grace that has carried me.
The lessons I've learned and the Truth that I've held tightly when things seem to unravel.

A year of learning , the steady truth, that God is good. 

Yesterday, however , was not good. 
There was a water pipe that  was broken...
Locating a plumber and then a main busting that involved a geyser spraying into the air for forty-five minutes and my whole subdivision being without water. 

And there was early morning eye appointments with dilated eyes...

And there was me:
Standing in my kitchen crying over Roddy Piper dying-

Or more aptly that news giving me a reason to release the full to overflowing cup I'd carried all day...

And there was me yelling like a banshee and my kids thinking," dear little baby Jesus, get that woman some meds" ha!

Yesterday was not my best day. 
I've had a year marked, a life marked with days when I've fallen just short...

But I awoke this morning
And the day is brand new
There are errands to run
And camp supplies to buy (two kiddos leave Monday)
A menu to plan and groceries to buy .
A day where I let my heart park on the truth that Jesus was and is, that He knew me before I was formed and placed a divine design on my life. 
A life filled with grace-
That (re) starts today. 
What a marker.

P.S. I am so loving the #first5 app and the study of John.