Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Something...

I don't remember how I found Nie Nie's blog...

I know that I spent every Saturday morning, in Montana soaking up her stuff from the week.


I wouldn't read her blog all week-I would save it for Saturday.

I would get up early, fix coffee and read Stephanie.

She made me happy. She made the day to day of life something to celebrate.

She gloried in her her her family.

I fell in love with her blog. With her creativity. With her passion.

I woke one Saturday morning to find Stephanie had been in a near fatal plane crash.
That is when the world met Stephanie.
She has thousands of blog readers now-she is spreading that sunshine still.
In the midst of very hard days she still glories in her girliness.
She still adores her kids.
She still loves her Mr. Nielson.
She is still passionate.
She still inspires.

Today I share with you Nie Nie.
Get some coffee.
Read the archives.
She's amazing.

{today is also my college friend, Jennifer (Thompson/Dugger's) bday. I have no idea if she still reads--but if so...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMEBRAND :D

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Robin said...

I SO thought about Jen on her bday too. I miss her and hope she is doing okay. I HATE we all arent close as we were. Hurt feelings coming to thoughts so Im stopping here.