Thursday, November 29, 2007

It is finished...

It is finished...
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It is finished, my first ripple. Overall I love it. The pattern is super simple it was fun. I didn't work the ends in as I went, I left them to be weaved in at the end (per the instructions) Next ripple I will work the ends in as I go. After finishing and washing the ends just didn't seem secure and there were bits of yarn sticking out and looking all ick. I had left about 5 inches to work in, so there was plenty of fiber KWIM. Anyway, I ended up going back and adding a double crochet edging to the sides. It doesn't really take away from the overall look and I feel much better sending this off, knowing that when the person washes it again it won't unravel. LOL

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ugh...putting it aside

So I've been working on two things. Two things that I am doing for other people, as gifts/thinking of you things. However one of the things is just draining me. I cannot get into enjoying doing it. I pull it out and I dread working on it. I love the yarn...the pattern is good. I don't know I just am not INTO it. So I have decided I am putting it aside. I am going to dedicate myself to finishing the other item and then I'll go back to the one I am casting off for now.

There I feel better. :)