Sunday, June 28, 2009

grace that amazes...

tonight I talked with someone after church. She and her husband visited both this morning and tonight.

she was cheerful & fun and her beauty was radiant.

she was a grandmom and Iwas amazed. I mean I want to look like that when I'm a grandmom. :)

she was open and honest and sweet and
you (or I)
just never imagined the pain she was carrying
the hurt and wondering

oh but she was
as we stood and talked for a while, she opened up a bit and shared a grief she was walking through.

all of my assumptions about her shiny happy life were put into perspective.

she was brokenhearted
and in pain

but she was breathing grace
living grace
because without it
she couldn't have made it.

I was reminded as we drove to Cracker Barrel to eat post service, that you simply never, ever know what people are walking through. You can think you know. You can assume based on what they show you. But sometimes people are carrying a pain that is heavy and hard.

I was touched by her choice to fall on grace...
to admit her not understanding things...
to admit that it wasn't fair...
to admit her anger...
and continued saddness.

I was drawn to her because despite a life that is not what she wanted or thought it would be-a life that has hurt her and disappointed her...

she was still beautiful

I was amazed by her grace.

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Madame Rubies said...

Ah, Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound...