Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday drive...

some blogs I love...

(all those crafty ones there in the sidebar are a given...)

Nie Nie ( life amazes me. I found her when I was in Montana and she made my Saturday mornings happy...her life, her love of her kids, her devotion to her Mr. ...then the plane crash and now seeing her rebuild...inspiring, awesome, incredible)

C. Jane (sister of Nie)

V & Co (cause that's crafty right there...)

Peabody -- love her!

How To Eat A Cupcake -- enough said

and everyone on the planet already reads her...but it goes without saying...

The Pioneer Woman

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday...bullet style

* I miss Saturday mornings, 'my way, there was coffee and lots of Food Network

*I'm tired of this head cold I's 3 weeks now, really? Be done.

*I want to go to the movies-and see about 6 different movies out currently.

*I'm ready for Spring and SUMMER.

*Today I am reorganizing my living space--the school stuff is taking over.

*There is great truth in ''happiness is not getting what you want, it's wanting what you have.''

*I love the New Testament (and the old, too, but I'm reading the new right now.)

*I am tired of this head cold (did I mention?)

*I'm procrastinating starting my day, however, it's 11 a.m. so I really need to kind of just do that already.

*cranks up Pandora, scurries off to tidy and reorganize room. :)

Happy Saturday.

Friday, January 29, 2010

little things making me happy...and babbling

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today the things making me happy...

*text that make me smile
*ice cold diet mt dew
*friendships and long phone conversations with lots of laughing
*yarn, soft baby yarn
*having a plan to work toward this weekend...gotta love goals

It's Friday evening almost 7:30 and here I sit. :) I would try and it wasn't a good thing, however, I love being home in my pj's watching a movie and crocheting. :)

I had such a good time last week. On the surface, just being with friends that are like family was enough--but the time away allowed me time to think. Now, if you know me, you know that I can overthink's just the way my brain works. God used that time though to reach me, to clarify some things. Things that weren't huge, but were taking up brain space, nonetheless. My spirit feels settled-there is a great amount of peace in that happening.

I was talking with one of my best friends today. A friend that knows me, all of me, and loves me. There is no preface with her. I don't have to give her background to explain a situation, I just tell it. She is the same with me. There is comfort in someone knowing you, and loving you, anyway. I am blessed to have her as my friend.

I thought a lot over choices and situations throughout life. I can see how things worked and how some things didn't. I can see where I was selfish in some things and where I chose my way over God's way-I can see where He protected me anyway. God is good like that...he won't allow us to go beyond his reach--but he won't chase us down--he gives us His Word, he gives us Truth....but he allows our will to act. The flesh, ah, the flesh is such a monster. Feed it and it grows and grows. It is so easy, in the moment to get caught up and give in -- but God has made a way, even at our weakest point--to escape. I am so thankful for God's grace and mercy. I am thankful that He loves me , in spite of me. I am thankful that I can't run beyond His reach.

I am crocheting a baby blanket. I love baby blankets. I love the softness of the yarn. I love the rhythm of the pattern. I love that in a short while a new little one will be wrapped in it. A new one with a whole life ahead of them. Isn't that exciting!

This weekend holds a lot of rearranging around here. I have to reorganize the school stuff, reorganize AE's toys and finish laundry from our trip & get church stuff laid out for Sunday.

For now I have yarn and a little girl...both are calling. I think I'll watch The Little Mermaid and crochet a bit.

Happy weekend to you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

home again, home again

and today we are home...

well we got home last night, but I after a quick facebook check in I started laundry, got kiddos into cozy clothes and called it a night.

today-we are recouping, tomorrow school! :) (the kids are VERY excited about that..heh)

our trip was really, really nice. we spent our time at the camp by the river. every morning I woke to the sun rising off the water and took my coffee listening to the river greet me.

there were walks on the sandbar, building of forts, exploring in the woods, riding the four wheeler, campfires, smores and lots of conversation.

the best part of it all-it was like family.

visits are always fun, but when you visit with people that are part of your heart...that know you, it makes the visit even more special.

we were able to worship with two separate church families.

God used the time away, the difference in scenery, the quiet to speak to my heart. situations that I have over thought and circumstances that I can't control, gained a new perspective-i love that.

it's good to be home.

it's also good to have a home away from home.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, Monday...

da, da, da, da, da,da...

I got up this a.m. at 5:45. Well I woke at 5:44 one minute before my alarm--sweet! I *hate* the jarring effect of the alarm. Typically I wake on my own, after a few weeks of getting up early to the alarm. Today was a nice surprise.

I am not a morning person. I, if I had my way, would stay up till about 3 a.m. and sleep till about 9 or 10 a.m. However, having children and homeschooling kind of dampers that 'dream.' I have kind of formed myself into a morning person over the years. After having kids I found that getting up early, provided me with some needed ''me'' time. Now,I could take it at the end of the day, but by then I am typically spent and can't enjoy it the same way.

Today is our busy day. Monday's holds a full school day, Elijah's therapies (speech and occupational therapy) clear on the other side of town and errands. Today also starts the prep for our road trip at the end of the week. While I can say I have relaxed a good bit, I will never been able to just wait till the last minute/fly by the seat of my pants, when it comes to trips. :D So yes, today begins the list making of outfits to take/packing of the meds bag/finding the power cords/chargers for all electronics and laundry.

Today also finds me planning my crochet project for the trip. I have something in mind-I'll just have to see.

For now, it's almost 8 a.m., which means I need to wake the kiddos and get ready to get the day started.

Happy Monday, friends!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Caution...this may be random...

perhaps bullets, I haven't done that in a while...

-we went to church today...first time this year...the great Cough Fest of 2010 seems to be done.

-I haven't done very well with getting up @ 5 since Christmas break...all that changes tomorrow.

-January 2010 is halfway over & I have stuff marked off my 'to do' that makes me happy!

-I've been thinking a lot about, well, a lot. LOL

-I had a pedicure today--and that makes me happy, really happy, probably happier than it should. :)

-I always think of Nattie when I get my pedicures.

-I can't settle on a new book to dive I've been reading lots of short stories and magazines.

-I have a friend who doesn't make new years resolutions, she just makes it a goal to do something everyday, no matter how small, that is different/new. I've kinda taken on that goal myself this year.

-I'm going to be 37 this summer. 37. I don't feel 37. I look about 47. ROTFLOL

-I try to not wish my life away, but I miss summer. Granted Georgia winters are mild things...but I still love the sun, humidity, long days & fun of summer.

-I haven't been a very good blog reader for a long time, I am trying to be better.

-We leave on Thursday for our road trip, the kids are excited-so am I. I get to crochet the whole way...David will be driving. :D

-chocolate, I wish I had some. :)

-Fireflies is my current ring tone.

-AE wears vanilla ''perfume'' and each time she puts it on she says, "yum, I smell like a cupcake.'' :D

-I'm going to try to blog this week, daily.

-for now, I'm going to stop, so you can be spared anymore reading. :D

Happy week to ya!

Friday, January 15, 2010

The exception...

I finally watched, "He's Just Not That Into You" recently. I'd heard about it & had actually rented it from Redbox before but got a non working dvd.

It was cute. Typical, chick flick, girly, cute. I liked it.

I loved the blatant honesty of it. Although it was based on man/woman relationships and the dance that is involved there, I think the truth, the core truth of the 'points' of the movie apply to all relationships.

My favorite character was, of course, the consummate player (Justin Long). He became the advise giver to the 'tries to hard to tame the players in her life' Gennifer Goodwin. Gennifer Goodwin's character cracked me up.

Of course, yall have probably all seen it, but I don't want to spoil it if you haven't so I'll not give a full on 'review.'

The movie left me thinking (as does if you are doing all the giving in friendships or relationships then you can't beautify that into something other than it is...they simply aren't that into you. That doesn't make them bad or you means, for whatever reasons, the effort isn't worth it for them.

My favorite part of the movie? When Justin Long realizes Gennifer Goodwin was right. That he had shut himself off emotionally by being a player for so long (look! I'm a hopeless romantic at heart-I just am, shoot me.) Gennifer Goodwin, using a line he'd fed her earlier in the movie, looks at him and says, "I'm the exception.'' To which he replies, ''You are my exception."

*happy sigh*

Don't settle for less than being "The Exception"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

thinkerly thoughts...

so this morning, i'm reading ye olde bible ... Phillippians (if it matters...because the reading text didn't speak to the thought I had) and I was hit with this thought...

Aren't all our prayers selfish?

NOW do not run away with that. We are commanded to pray with out ceasing (I know). It was just a neat thought to ponder (ponder it a bit, will you, then comment, maybe?) and to link it with Jesus reminding us to DIE DAILY to the flesh.

He knows our nature...and knows our hearts...and our motivation without him would be hopelessly selfish. The prayers offered, even now, may still serve to 'selfish' ends...but with a God tuned heart--the mode of prayer is pure.

Make sense?

Not saying it's inspired thought...just saying I had it.

Whatcha think???

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cinco de January-o

Just not the same, huh?

It's 1 a.m. -- sleep isn't coming easy tonight.

I go through this-insomnia on occasion. I'm sure I could drink less coffee or diet coke...or stand on my head, or only walk if my left foot leads or take Tylenol p.m.... and I suppose if it were a TRUE issue, one that riddled me week after week, I'd consider something. Alas, it happens occasionally usually stress related or busy-ness related. It works out in a few days...but as of tonight. I'm wide awake.

So hello!

This will probably be random...welcome to my brain. :)

I got snail mail on Monday (I started to type today...because FOR ME until I go to's still that day...but alas for the sake of YOUR brain I am clarifying. :) ) a beautiful card with a handwritten message that made my heart smile.

In the last week or so I've gotten two emails from people that made me pause. They were beautiful emails, full of the kindest things, words like ''you'll never know how much you encourage me'' and ''you inspire me in my faith'' words that I honestly, truly feel honored to read. Words that I read and think, ''me, they are talking about me?''

I don't say that to fish for compliments or garner praise. I say that because I think you know me??? I so struggle with me. I have a heart that longs to be wholly devoted, to follow hard after God, to honor Him. But yall, I have this flesh...this flesh that I battle daily. I'm snarky, moody, sarcastic, I have little patience and sometimes I want to just be mean. I am like a toddler, so often, I just pitch fits (mostly internally, with God and he kindly just lets me work on through it)--but nothing in me feels like I even come close to being something someone else would see and think ''ah, she has a faith I can see...''

On the other hand, reading those words does something to my spirit that I cannot describe. I am such a sucker for words. Prose...poems...quotes...well written books....all pull me into their magic. I am surprised my love language isn't ''words of affirmation''-I truly am, because well spoken words, encouragement can fuel me for days.

I am struggling lately. Not wrestling with an angel struggling. Not miserable, woe is me, struggling. I'm struggling with me. I'm struggling with who I am, who I want to be one day. I feel a little lost, honestly. My life was defined. Now it's not. The thing is, was it really defined or do I just assume it was? I have a very blessed life. I do. I am happy. In my soul, I have joy. I just am not sure of the living space. You know how when you move into a new house or apt, you spend the first week or two or year...throwing garbage under the sink even though the garbage is in the pantry -- because you were so used to how things were at your old apt. THAT is kinda what I feel. I'm working through it. The new 'house' is nice...I just gotta locate everything & get settled into things a bit.

They are giving snow here on kids are sooooo excited.

My friend, Heather, is driving through Wednesday and I'm not going to be able to meet her...typically when she drives through from her visits with her mom we meet...I can't this time and it makes me sad. :(

Ah, I suppose it time to attempt sleep. 5 a.m. arrives regardless of how much I've rested previous to that wake up alarm. :)

Happy Tuesday--make it happy.
Choose Joy.


I was talking with my brother the other day. We were kidding around and saying how from now on we were just going to not expect anything of people...or expect the worse from them...that way IF something good happened, if they surprised you and followed through on something--then you just got to be really impressed. Overall though, you just expected nothing--so anything was a nice surprise.

However, life isn't really like that, is it? (and my personality is not one that swims around in negative so I can't really think like that anyway...)

Expectations occur & often are dashed--and you deal with muddling through disappointment, all based on your expectations.

Christ reminds us to keep our minds stayed on Him. A heart and mind focused on Christ gains perspective--clear vision.

No doubt.

But, when you are human & live in a temple of flesh--sometimes walking out that reminder proves more difficult.

I think to pretend to have no expectations, is unrealistic. But I think sometimes our experiences and our personalities play into our expectations. We end up putting more on someone, expecting more from them , wanting them to prove something...that really isn't about them at all-- it's isn't their thing to carry. But we've put it on them, all in the name of expectations.

I don't think that means you expect nothing. I just think it means you adjust your expectations--make sure the expectations you have are fair.

We can't expect things from others that we aren't willing to give ourselves & we also have to be willing to accept when others show you who they are, that we believe them.

One of my goals this year is to work through my insane desire to over think. Expectations are part of all of that mess that is my brain. :)

So here's to being less like me & having a mind more stayed on Christ.

He will always, always meet my expectations.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I last posted in October?


Facebook has made me a poor blogger--not that I was a rich blogger before, but yeah, it is far too easy to superficially report on ''what I'm doing'' via FB than keeping steady on the old blog. However, I do miss it. It's just hard to get back into the routine. I miss the day to day though and so I am making a new effort.

I typically have a theme for each new year...along with a verse--I haven't had anything solidified this year...other than ''metamorphosis'' ... all things new... that's what keeps rambling around in my mind. I'm going with it-until/unless something changes. :)

2009 was a big year, in so many ways. My Daddy said the other day, ''if I were to write a book , I'd leave out the chapter for 2009.'' Yes, it was that kind of year--lots of different things going on, on lots of different levels.

In a lot of ways 2009, when looking back, seems as if I am looking onto (into?) someone else's life-as if I am seeing them, not myself. To say it was a hard year, would be an understatement. To say it was easy, would be a lie. I saw sickness, heartbreak, sadness, pain, longing, frustration, angst and hope. I don't know that I will ever understand 2009. But I understand that God was with me, under girding me, carrying me along & I can rest in that when nothing else makes sense.

2010--doesn't that sound terribly futuristic? Shouldn't we have jetpacks or something? I am looking forward to 2010. I want my faith to grow. I want to be a better mom and friend. I want to walk in faith and not fear. I want to LIVE OUT LOUD. I don't want to be frivolous...but I want to walk in the now to take advantage of every second God gives.

January is here & it holds some new things for me. I'm going to have to face to challenges. I'm going to have to step up and do things I've never done...but I want to look back when January is done and mark that ''to do'' off the list & I want to feel that sense of satisfaction of knowing *I* did, Cheri, making a way. I'm not brave--but I sure want to be...

January also holds a road trip. We are going to Mississippi to visit former church members. The last time we visited Nathan was 3 (and had one of his febrile seizures while there...complete with a trip to the ER) and Daniel was 1. Now, they are 11 & 9 ... and I've added two more munchkins to the mix. I love road trips-especially ones that lead you to folks that are like family.

My camera is is still usable-with a certain amount of finesse...but overall it's broken and that makes me sad. Really sad. BUT it's a thing-and we love people and not things (that's what I tell my kiddos, all the time) but that doesn't make me not want a Nikon D300 :D

Alrighty, I have four kiddos at varying levels of sick. None are terrible...all are stuffy, coughing, snotty & one is fevered. School starts back tomorrow--the break was nice, but I think we are all looking forward to the routine.

Here's to a good living one day at a doing a little something everyday that's something you've never done. I hope to grow this year--I hope to be changed--I hope to be more, than I ever imagined.

Praying that for yall too!