Thursday, June 11, 2009

100 Things

about me.
I've done this on every blog.
Since I am procrasting packing - here we go.

1. my name is cheri (shu marie...only sh rie) I have never met anyone that said it correctly.

2. My nickname growing up was Ri Ri...then Ri. My family still calls me Ri Ri. It makes me happy.

3. I was born in Georgia-but have lived in several states: Alabama (twice!), Mississippi, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico & Montana.

4. I've lived in a lot of cities in Georgia: Carrollton, Bremen, Tallapoosa, Auburn, Cleveland, Sand Hill (villa rica-ish)

5. I am 36 years old.

6. I love and adore my birthday-more than is normal.

7. I sing.

8. My first solo I was 4 and sang "He Did It All For Me"

9. I like to clean and organize things.

10. I put my dust pan and my trash can lid in the dishwasher.

11. I clean my washing machine & vaccum.

12. I don't care about other peoples stuff/junk/organization--that doesn't bother me, but *I* like to organize my stuff. You can do whatever you want to do.

13. I like music.

14. I will watch movies over and over if Ilike them. I have seen "You've Got Mail" no less than 50 times.

15. I also love Kate and Leopold.

16. Clearly, I am a fan of Meg Ryan. :)

17. I have neat handwriting.

18. I learned to crochet 3 years ago and I really, really love it. Like, love it like an old lady.

19. I am loud.

20. I am generally funny.

21. I am way sarcastic.

22. I am not easy to get to know. I mean, really get to know.

23. I like people-most of the time.

24. I am judgmental by default.

25. I am being humbled-daily.

26. I like water with lime.

27. I love chocolate.

28. Coffee makes me way happy.

29. I have never had alcohol.

30. #29 is not me 'bragging' I'm just saying-I've never had it--and it holds no appeal for me.

31. I have four kids.

32. 3 boys.

33. 1 girl

34. we are at the beginning of bday season...girl in july, boy 2 in august, boy 1 in Sept and boy 3 in October.

35. I homeschool and I am thankful I am able too.

36. I love road trips.

37. I have flown one time.

38. I am not scared of flying-but I don't like it so much. I'd rather drive. Even with four kids.

39. I am insecure.

40. I care what people think.

41. I am often intimidated.

42. I don't think most people realize #39, 40 or 41.

43. I love to cook.

44. I love to bake.

45. I love to lose myself in a book.

46. I love good conversation.

47. I love laughing.

48. I prefer showers.

49. I like a bath...BUT it is always followed by a shower.

50. I don't understand sitting in your dirt and not washing it off. LOL

51. Diet Coke is my vice of choice.

52. I like words.

53. I like blowing bubbles.

54. I like catching lightening bugs.

55. I wonder if I will ever feel like an adult.

56. I am going back to college.

57. My previous stint in college was great socially. :)

58. This go round I'm focusing on academics.

59. College was probably some of my best memories.

60. I get my feelings hurt pretty easily.

61. This is another thing that isn't something people readily guess about me.

62. I wear a size 11 shoe.

63. It was a 9 before kids.

64. I had 4 kids in 7 years.

65. I was either pregnant or nursing for 10 years straight.

66. My body totally looks like I was pregnant or nursing for 10 years straight-regardless of weight loss.LOL

67. I was not attractive pregnant-I was fat. LOL

68. I can almost palm a basket ball.

69. I am 5 ft 6.5 inches tall.

70. I really, really, really want to be 5'9''

71. I love flip flops.

72. Fall is my favorite season.

73. Well, it ties with Spring.

74. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

75. Other than my birthday.

76. I love prizes.

77. Not expensive stuff ...but little things that let me know you were thinking of me.

78. I have a good memory for bdays and numbers.

79. "Great Is Thy Faithfulness'' is my favorite hymn.

80. My hair is long.

81. My hair is naturally blonde-but went pretty dark with each pregnancy. Thus I started coloring it and I've been every shade from blonde to red. Right now I'm blonde. It feels right.

82. My hair is longer now than it's been in a long, long time. I fight having it cut daily.

83. I don't have a favorite color-it changes.

84. I secretly would love to be a writer. A really good writer who's (edited "whose" dude...Pattie you let that slide... :D ) words touch people.

85. I love khaki and black together.

86. My Daddy makes myheart smile.

87. We disagree and argue but at the core-he amazes me.

88. I love potatoes fried in a black skillet.

89. I love to take pictures.

90. Dogs are my favorite animals.

91. I am so not a fan of cats.

92. Kittens are ok-till they turn to cats. ;)

93. Sometimes I wish I could be 18 with the knowledge of now.

94. Psalm 27 is my favorite book & chapter of the bible...verse 14 is my favorite verse.

95. I love to sit at the ocean when it's dark and hear the waves crash, look into the sky with a million stars and whisper, ''wow''--because it is at that moment that I feel closest to God.

96. I admire quiet strength.

97. I love folding laundry.

98. I have a very keen sense of smell.

99. I love cemetaries-especially old cemetaries. (true!)

100. What else do you want to know...

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Pattie said...

A super list. I'm proud of you for going back to college! What an adventure it will be!!!