Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Evening Post...

I'm properly sun tired and looking forward to bedtime.

This past week has contained an utter basketful of things I never imagined. My heart is breaking for friends walking through pain they never volunteered for--it's times like this that it's hard to grasp how ''all things work together for good.'' However, I know they do. I *know* God is good. I know He has a *good* plan. I know He has gone before and provided they way--even when the circumstances and happenings seem so painful. He is there-right in the middle of it. There is a comfort in that assurance--even when everything is swirling and crazy. God. is. good. period.

I have spent this week in Mitford. I'm reading "Light From Heaven" the last in the Mitford series. I love this series of books. I remember a few years ago referring to them as my ''favorite blue jeans'' of books. They are quaint and sweet and simple and comfortable and home. I used to try to be a fast reader--and I can be--but one thing I've done lately is slow down and enjoy reading, for readings sake. I used to have several books going at one time--now I'm only reading one at a time.

My days this past week were filled with lots of manual labor (pool pics soon), sun time and reading as I fell asleep. I don't think there is a better feeling than working hard, physically pushing yourself to your limit and then retiring for the night with about 30 mins of a book.

I think I spent maybe an hour and a half in total on the computer this week. You know what...I didn't miss it. My days and the damands of them are shifting. It's kind of neat. lol

There is a quote in Light From Heaven that I'll be posting-it's settled in with me and made its home in my mind--it's a good one. :)

For now, it's time to rub a little girlie who is sunkissed with some after sun lotion and get her to bed.

I hope the week ahead holds good things for you.

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