Sunday, June 7, 2009

birthday bullets

*road trips to pick up cousins
*ice cream celebrating last days of school
*loud fun music & lots of laughing
*swimming in odd shaped pools
*fish frys with people that make you a better person
*14 yr old boys trying to impress pretty 14 yr old girls (hee!)
*fun conversations with random people in stores--because clearly it's my mission to talk to everyone I encounter :D
*hanging out with family
*building decks to level the pool so it won't be odd shaped
*making 40-11 trips to Lowes for 2x4 (both 8 and 10 feet long-just depending on which trip)
*trips to BJ's, buying bday cakes, having my name written REALLY BIG and my brothers (who's bday is June, not so big! HEE!)
*making my Aunt Sharon put me as her wallpaper on her phone (hee!)
*sparklers and poppers
*hugging Jeremy (my cousin, who is like a brother)
*black raspberry vanilla from bath and body works
*sensual amber from bath and body works
*java chip fraps from Starbucks
*jelly cream pies by little debbie ...scoff if you will...Mrs. Cathy gave me two boxes for my bday--she is my favorite.person.ever.
*preebee tiara that I wore
*birthday cash
*lots of cards
*Facebook--literally my page runneth over with love from my truly made me cry
*ice cream socials
*my little church singing happy birthday to me
*my little girl singing happy birthday to me
*my boys tolerating their momma's crazy (hee!)
*preebee toes
*chocolate cake with chocolate fudge butter cream frosting
*my favorite movie that makes me happy-every.time.
the good ones, even if they are hard ones, being able to remember--to feel, to know, to relive that moment, anytime I want-is a gift I can open anytime I need it to be real again.

It was a very, very, very, very, very good day.

Thirty-six, you are looking pretty promising.

And that makes me happier than you can imagine.

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