Friday, August 16, 2013

later...on the blog

I'm working on the "homemade" Butterfinger candy that's floating around Pinterest.
update and the crew's opinion a bit.

update... easy to make.
now...there is the suggestion that you cut the chilled pb mixture into squares and then dip in chocolate...


aint nobody got time for that...

so, I just melted the chocolate and poured over the top and let it all chill.

five of five ...give them two thumbs up.

To make the magic happen you will need:

16 oz of candy corn
16 oz of peanut butter
16 oz of almond bark

Melt your candy corn in the microwave at 1 minute intervals , stirring between intervals

add the peanut butter to your melted candy corn and stir well

line a 9x9 dish with wax paper

pour peanut butter and candy corn mixture into dish


top with melted almond bark

refrigerate to chill completely

eat them all in one sitting (that's optional)