Monday, February 15, 2010

the one where I get really excited that we are halfway through February...

It's February-mid February that means we are halfway through the long (albeit shortest month) cold month of love.

February represents winter for me. January is cold but you still have the momentum of having celebrated Christmas & all those resolutions motivating you. February hits and the steam is dying, it's grey & typically it's the coldest month around here.

Today though, we are halfway through February. Half.way.
almost done.

See over there, it's March peeking out around the corner. :)


I like to call today, Almost March...

and Almost March makes me happy and full of thoughts like...

--baby chicks
--flip flops (legally, at least...hee)
--fun, flirty, springy skirts
--digging in the dirt
--setting up the pool (ok, really this year has to be easier, no?)
--the smell of spring, followed by the smell of summer
--longer days
--warmer temps...hotter temps (yes!)

Winter takes it toil, but Almost March gives promise and hope--Spring is dancing before us...Summer is on the way...


simply summer to me

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