Thursday, February 4, 2010

flushing the lines...

so we are having septic tank issues here at the house.

you know, fun stuff with funky smells and stuff oozing up in the yard...

a few weeks ago, a man came out and emptied the tank. he said that should fix it--but if it didn't, then the problem was further down, in the lines and they'd need to be flushed out.

don't you love when jesus gives you a parallel that involves a septic tank...


our lives, my life, often has septic tank issues...and I'll take a bit of time and empty the tank (mind)...but often times the issue is in the the heart.

flushing those's more work.

right now, there is a backhoe excavator digging up the back yard.
it's no small job.
whereas, when the man emptied the tank, he simply drove up with his 'honey dipper' truck, pulled out a long suction tube and emptied it ...
today there is bigger equipment
a much more tedious process
with lots and lots of digging
the backyard, shows signs of deconstruction...

then after all that work--the real job takes place, and they flush the lines.

on the surface, i can keep my mind ''emptied'' and honestly that is the first step in keeping your heart flushed and clean. but it's easy (for me at least) for me to let the lines get clogged. my flesh is susceptible, to be wooed by the things of the world. i am tempted to succumb. i fail and i have fallen.

then i realize, because of something oozing up in me, that my heart needs flushed.

the heart...
the Word speaks and declares that ,''the heart is desperately wicked who can know it.''
we are warned to, ''guard your heart for out of it springs the issues of life.''
we are told in Proverbs, ''to keep your heart with diligence.''


it's easy to keep the tank emptied but to avoid the deeper issue,
what's clogging the lines...
if our hearts are not flushed
then excavation is needed.
some deep digging, some deconstruction
but in the end
the lines are clear
our hearts... pure

create in me a pure heart, and renew a right spirit in me.

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Stacey said...

Ok, you have made me think. Not unusual, of course. Can you imagine the pipes? They just want to keep on working and pushing everything through, but they can't. If they keep trying it will only get worse. They MUST STOP. Oh my. I needed that today, right now, in this very hour. Thank you Cheri.