Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mixed bag of stuffs (bullet

* just because you make a choice, doesn't mean you can't feel some sadness regarding it. to assume because YOU made the choice it's all cut and dried and you are blissfully rolling around in happy, isn't always the correct assumption.

*I have a baby blanket mocking me from my crochet basket. (MOCK.ING)

*God honors our obedience-always. honors our obedience, even when it's hard for us to obey. the reward is in DOING it anyway. (lather, rinse, repeat)

*I don't deal well with unplanned occurrences. (ha! major understatement!) Me, fight change? NO! LOL

*dear summer. I Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss You. (sings the really bad Climaxx song from the 80's)

*my boys are currently watching a documentary on Hitler on History Channel. Yes, technically it's school time, but I figure we can count that as part of History today. :)

*Mer comes home in 24 days! Yay!

*I believe anyone is capable of anything--anyone. anything. A wise man once said, ''pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall." Anyone. Anything. So don't be surprised when people do things. It SO could be you (me!)

*along that same vein...somewhere it's lost in translation in Christendom..."Jesus loves you....only he doesn't love YOU, well not like you are, so if you'll just get RIGHT ...good enough so that you don't bother ME with your pesky sin issues, then i'm sure Jesus would consider loving you.'' Know What I mean??? I mean, see I believe God calls us to holiness. No doubt. I believe there should be change in us, if we call Him Lord. However, somewhere we lose our ability to demonstrate God's utter LOVE to others. It's as if we think if we let them know, we love them, right where they are, that somehow they will think God thinks living in sin is a good thing. People, God is a big, big God. He has the Holy Spirit on His side. He can SO handle drawing people and changing people. We need to do our simply meet people where they are, love them, show them Jesus and watch HIM DO THE WORK... /rant

*I really, really love the new song by Need To Breath Something Beautiful (whispers, a lot!)

*In the wise words of Dr. Tony Dickerson, "I have never regretted something I didn't say.'' [now YES, we hold plenty of regrets for things we do say...and we may regret not saying something we should have said...this statement is in the context of that issue of verbal diarrhea...where we spew way more than need be...KWIM (and lo, I have so spewed and so regretted...and almost spewed and been able to say, ''whew, well at least I didn't SAY that...'' LOL)

*the sun is shining today--the weather effects me now, it never has much before...but now, if there is a long run of grey or rain, yeah...UGH, my mood is the pits.

*I am amazed, honestly, truly, amazed by Jesus' love for me-and his tolerance for me and my crazy. LOL

*I am finally feeling better. 5 weeks of the cough that was almost TB and I am BETTER! (whispers...YAY!)

*losing weight...after several months on a plateau, I am back to seeing things in a downward pattern. That makes me happy, (very!)

*you cannot replace do well not to try...

*i have a mother load of laundry to do...

*I don't understand people that don't like Valentine's Day. I mean, really? Are you so angsty and jaded that you can't enjoy a Reese's Peanut Butter Heart? Really? FIND SOME HAPPY! ;)

*I am truly awed by my kiddos and about 7 days out of 10 I feel like I don't do them justice as their mom. (and that's just the truth)

*I bought "A League Of Their Own" from the cheap bin at Target the other day. I love that movie, as much now as I did the first time I saw it.

*Hard days, are hard...but they shape you, they whittle away stuff, they stretch you. They make you hurt, cry, regret, rethink...they make you better...

*they are calling for snow possibly on Friday--UH SNOW, NO! -- again, see point five!!!

*I say this often, ''the lazy man and the hasty man does the job twice.'' (just ask my kids)

*I think of Nattie, everyday, mostly because she was smart enough to leave me with this that I leave with you...

''Hope...sometimes it is blinding like the spring sunshine. Sometimes it is a gentle warmth that comes with kind words. Sometimes it washes over you like waves in the ocean and sometimes it just envelopes you slowly. Sometimes it is like water in a dry land, but it is there if you look for it.''

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Madame Rubies said...

The choices thing is so true. Sometimes the "best" choice is still not a happy choice. Especially when you know you will be judged for it. Gr... What we do to one another.

Weather affects me too. Crazily. The sun comes out and I just want to dance.