Tuesday, January 5, 2010

thinkerly thoughts...

so this morning, i'm reading ye olde bible ... Phillippians (if it matters...because the reading text didn't speak to the thought I had) and I was hit with this thought...

Aren't all our prayers selfish?

NOW do not run away with that. We are commanded to pray with out ceasing (I know). It was just a neat thought to ponder (ponder it a bit, will you, then comment, maybe?) and to link it with Jesus reminding us to DIE DAILY to the flesh.

He knows our nature...and knows our hearts...and our motivation without him would be hopelessly selfish. The prayers offered, even now, may still serve to 'selfish' ends...but with a God tuned heart--the mode of prayer is pure.

Make sense?

Not saying it's inspired thought...just saying I had it.

Whatcha think???

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katho said...

it is remarkable to think that God wants us to be selfish...intensely and incredibly selfish...in our prayers. He wants us to ask for every little thing, always. What a glorious, generous gift Our Father has given us! <3