Monday, January 4, 2010


I was talking with my brother the other day. We were kidding around and saying how from now on we were just going to not expect anything of people...or expect the worse from them...that way IF something good happened, if they surprised you and followed through on something--then you just got to be really impressed. Overall though, you just expected nothing--so anything was a nice surprise.

However, life isn't really like that, is it? (and my personality is not one that swims around in negative so I can't really think like that anyway...)

Expectations occur & often are dashed--and you deal with muddling through disappointment, all based on your expectations.

Christ reminds us to keep our minds stayed on Him. A heart and mind focused on Christ gains perspective--clear vision.

No doubt.

But, when you are human & live in a temple of flesh--sometimes walking out that reminder proves more difficult.

I think to pretend to have no expectations, is unrealistic. But I think sometimes our experiences and our personalities play into our expectations. We end up putting more on someone, expecting more from them , wanting them to prove something...that really isn't about them at all-- it's isn't their thing to carry. But we've put it on them, all in the name of expectations.

I don't think that means you expect nothing. I just think it means you adjust your expectations--make sure the expectations you have are fair.

We can't expect things from others that we aren't willing to give ourselves & we also have to be willing to accept when others show you who they are, that we believe them.

One of my goals this year is to work through my insane desire to over think. Expectations are part of all of that mess that is my brain. :)

So here's to being less like me & having a mind more stayed on Christ.

He will always, always meet my expectations.

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