Sunday, January 3, 2010


I last posted in October?


Facebook has made me a poor blogger--not that I was a rich blogger before, but yeah, it is far too easy to superficially report on ''what I'm doing'' via FB than keeping steady on the old blog. However, I do miss it. It's just hard to get back into the routine. I miss the day to day though and so I am making a new effort.

I typically have a theme for each new year...along with a verse--I haven't had anything solidified this year...other than ''metamorphosis'' ... all things new... that's what keeps rambling around in my mind. I'm going with it-until/unless something changes. :)

2009 was a big year, in so many ways. My Daddy said the other day, ''if I were to write a book , I'd leave out the chapter for 2009.'' Yes, it was that kind of year--lots of different things going on, on lots of different levels.

In a lot of ways 2009, when looking back, seems as if I am looking onto (into?) someone else's life-as if I am seeing them, not myself. To say it was a hard year, would be an understatement. To say it was easy, would be a lie. I saw sickness, heartbreak, sadness, pain, longing, frustration, angst and hope. I don't know that I will ever understand 2009. But I understand that God was with me, under girding me, carrying me along & I can rest in that when nothing else makes sense.

2010--doesn't that sound terribly futuristic? Shouldn't we have jetpacks or something? I am looking forward to 2010. I want my faith to grow. I want to be a better mom and friend. I want to walk in faith and not fear. I want to LIVE OUT LOUD. I don't want to be frivolous...but I want to walk in the now to take advantage of every second God gives.

January is here & it holds some new things for me. I'm going to have to face to challenges. I'm going to have to step up and do things I've never done...but I want to look back when January is done and mark that ''to do'' off the list & I want to feel that sense of satisfaction of knowing *I* did, Cheri, making a way. I'm not brave--but I sure want to be...

January also holds a road trip. We are going to Mississippi to visit former church members. The last time we visited Nathan was 3 (and had one of his febrile seizures while there...complete with a trip to the ER) and Daniel was 1. Now, they are 11 & 9 ... and I've added two more munchkins to the mix. I love road trips-especially ones that lead you to folks that are like family.

My camera is is still usable-with a certain amount of finesse...but overall it's broken and that makes me sad. Really sad. BUT it's a thing-and we love people and not things (that's what I tell my kiddos, all the time) but that doesn't make me not want a Nikon D300 :D

Alrighty, I have four kiddos at varying levels of sick. None are terrible...all are stuffy, coughing, snotty & one is fevered. School starts back tomorrow--the break was nice, but I think we are all looking forward to the routine.

Here's to a good living one day at a doing a little something everyday that's something you've never done. I hope to grow this year--I hope to be changed--I hope to be more, than I ever imagined.

Praying that for yall too!


Pattie said...

Happy New Year, Cheri. My "theme" last year was brave. If I can do it, you surely can!

Anonymous said...

I guess I can't just sneak in now that your sidebar announces MILLEGEVILLE GA STOPPED BY YOUR BLOG.

I guess I am OBLIGATED to leave a comment. Good grief. It's a lot of pressure!

Love you, I like you, look forward to one amazing year

Cheryl said...

Love you, my friend. God IS with you, and it gets better from here.

Renee said...

2010 will be a much better year because we said so...remember?? :D I look forward to fun times and lots of "not to late" night chats with you this year. Love you friend!

Stacey said...

I need one of those things on my blog too. ;) Praying for you as we all enter into this new year. May 2010 bring you flights of fancy as if you had a jet pack. ((hugs))

Cheri said...

Thanks for commenting yall. LOL @ Dana--I'm not sure I am keeping the feed don't have to comment...STALKER :D

Robin said...

Well OmStars! I checked my blogger dashboard and right there at the tip-top of my list was Kudzu and Koolaid!!! Yay you're back!

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

So glad for a real Cheri update. I love the FB bits and bites, but I also love the fleshing out what's going on. Happy 2010 friend. :)

Mel R said...

Facebook made me a poor blogger too! I am starting over with a new blog url. Some friends of mine are doing the "blog 365" thing this year, or will TRY to.