Sunday, January 17, 2010

Caution...this may be random...

perhaps bullets, I haven't done that in a while...

-we went to church today...first time this year...the great Cough Fest of 2010 seems to be done.

-I haven't done very well with getting up @ 5 since Christmas break...all that changes tomorrow.

-January 2010 is halfway over & I have stuff marked off my 'to do' that makes me happy!

-I've been thinking a lot about, well, a lot. LOL

-I had a pedicure today--and that makes me happy, really happy, probably happier than it should. :)

-I always think of Nattie when I get my pedicures.

-I can't settle on a new book to dive I've been reading lots of short stories and magazines.

-I have a friend who doesn't make new years resolutions, she just makes it a goal to do something everyday, no matter how small, that is different/new. I've kinda taken on that goal myself this year.

-I'm going to be 37 this summer. 37. I don't feel 37. I look about 47. ROTFLOL

-I try to not wish my life away, but I miss summer. Granted Georgia winters are mild things...but I still love the sun, humidity, long days & fun of summer.

-I haven't been a very good blog reader for a long time, I am trying to be better.

-We leave on Thursday for our road trip, the kids are excited-so am I. I get to crochet the whole way...David will be driving. :D

-chocolate, I wish I had some. :)

-Fireflies is my current ring tone.

-AE wears vanilla ''perfume'' and each time she puts it on she says, "yum, I smell like a cupcake.'' :D

-I'm going to try to blog this week, daily.

-for now, I'm going to stop, so you can be spared anymore reading. :D

Happy week to ya!


Madame Rubies said...

Where ya roadtrippin' to?

Stacey said...

what are you crocheting? And will you share the new things you do?

Cheri said...

@Heather--Natchez, MS (parents in tow...well, they are the ones going on the trip....they want us to go so that the people my dad used to pastor can see the grandchildren. LOL

@Stacey--baby blanket I think (sideways shell) and my camera is broken...:( so no photos.