Thursday, January 6, 2011

the importance of being, um, naked

being naked reduces you...

there is nothing to hide ...
what we disguise with fashion,
naked renders fully visable
most of the time in harsh light...



the reason we like clothes
it hides the flaws
the imperfections...
we can accessorize and distract
highlight the strong points...

we can never let you know
what's underneath...

but at some point, you find yourself


and that leads you to the hard part


there, honest...

no one
wants to be rejected

and so, at the risk of closing ourselves off...
of not being real with anyone
we will plug in...but not all the way...
we will offer superficial presence
but nothing beyond...
we will

do anything

be real.

because real, makes us vulnerable, vulnerable makes us naked
and naked means you can walk away-because you could handle the cute outfit
but not
the person
the real, broken, scarred
person wearing it...

to become vulnerable...
is for some the hardest thing
(ask me how I know...)

because see, once you know something...
you can't unknow it...

and once you know it
what if
it's too much...

and so we retreat
we project this idea of wholeness
of having it together
of being in command
and we
are alone

but *they* can't walk away
because *they* don't know...

all dressed up
with no one

heart tenderly wrapped in a scarf...

the risk of unwrapping
is huge

but we were made, by the master creator, to need each other...

that doesn't mean you expose and spill to everyone,
you can guard your heart
without walling it up...

(and this i know, i live it, daily)
when you find that place
where you can shed the layers...
where you strip off the blouse
(and the lycra shaper, that's keeping everything smooth)
when you stand there
bumps and bulges

and look to find
you are surrounded by others
who've dropped the facade
and reflect
not perfection

acceptance that was there all along...
we're all broken
and we need help, carrying the pieces

will you...
drop the scarf?

1 comment:

Stacey said...

Liked this. Something I am finding the balance to, though often I find many many things to hide behind. heh