Saturday, January 22, 2011

hot [mixed up] mess

this is random
stream of consciousness
sort of. :)

i have lots on my mind-thus the not sleeping.
i do this
cycle of insomnia...stress/change/thinking always feeds into it...

I just looked I have eleven things written and in my drafts-hmmmm

I have a blog brewing based on a couple of songs...
and a discussion today on FB stirred the startings of another.

I wrote out family rules today.

I love my kids more than I ever knew you could love someone.

my hair is a hot mess
like different colors
hot mess
and I obviously care, or I wouldn't bring it up-kwim
but it's fine. I'm not messing with it for a gets a break-then a real person, with real skills shall work some magic :)

I have been working on a schedule for about two weeks now.
Being sick over Christmas break and then having snow/ice messed with my sleeping schedule and our schooling (some, not much-we totally did school during the snow week)

We are going to Houston at the end of Feb. The kids are so excited. They love hanging out with Poppa and LaLa. I am debating the route. The typical I-10 straight shot...or detour and go to New Orleans via Lake Pontchartrain. I am not a big fan of bridges-(only since having kids) it's not like a crazy fear...clearly or I wouldn't be contemplating But it's only 15 miles difference in the two routes. In New Orleans there is The Creole Creamery and I love the history and architecture there. Since this in essence will be our Spring Break too, I am trying to make it fun along the way. We of course will do our regular stops at the Bass Pro Shops along the way (lol, it's Daniel's thing-for whatever reason-and it has become a tradition on road trips) In TX we shall get our fill of Whataburger (Elijah's thing). We will also be seeing friends along the way. It will be fun. :)

I am finishing up my first Stephen King book in over 20 years. I read IT, forever ago and it freaked me out. This book has totally redeemed Stephen in my eyes. :)

I am going to follow the lead of another blogging friend and open up the comments to questions and such. Something you want to know? Something you want to ask? Here is your chance. Hopefully this will lead to some blogging topics and consistency. :)

I really do thank yall for reading!

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