Saturday, January 8, 2011

Glory, Glory to ol Auburn ...

I was six when the line was drawn in the sand.

My family had moved to the great state of Alabama. My Dad, a pastor, had taken his first church in a town outside of Birmingham.

I was in a male dominated household. There wasn't a lot (or you know, any...) synchronized swimming, gymnastics or ice dancing viewed at our house.

There was college football, professional football and baseball ... which took us into the next football season...

We moved to an enclave that was Crimson.

All fans have a team...
In Alabama, a team has you.

It became necessary to pledge an allegiance.
and surrounded by ones that near worshipped Bear Bryant...
I was challenged... to a point of decision.

My brothers were older and their teams already decided. That Fall was not a watermark moment for them, firm supporters of the SEC they already loved their teams. Georgia, our hearts home, was my youngest brothers passion. Alabama, our new home, got my oldest brothers cheers. My Daddy rounded things out with a hat tip to the ACC and his loyalty went to Georgia Tech.

I remember being told, ''you will like Alabama.''
and that settled it.

In an act of rebellion, I cast my lot with Auburn.

On that day, a fan was born.

And for the last thirty years what started as a childish, 'oh I'll like them to spite you' has turned into the reason I look forward to Fall.

I'm a girl. I've never played football. I can't relate to the feeling of walking into a field house or walking through a tunnel. The knock of the shoulder pads. The smell of a new football. The passion of being on the field, a part of sixty minutes, that become a part of the best memories of your life.

All that I may have been denied.

But I can tell you that I have walked through seasons of sadness, losses and sanctions. There have been Saturdays that I have danced in utter delight. I've needed talked down and I've talked smack. I've berated bad calls and been thankful to be on the receiving end of reviews that turned the game. I've wanted to throw things at the television, I've wanted to throw my hands up in obnoxious victory chants.

Along the way. The fan fell in love.

And Monday
The National Championship.

The sound that starts as a low rumble in The Plains, grows to a resounding timbre crossing the dessert...

the battle cry....


All fans have a team...
In Alabama, a team has you.

Good luck to the Mighty Tigers of Auburn University.