Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Somethings...

We went to the movies last night. To elaborate, we went to the DRIVE-IN. It is one of my favorite things we get to do in New Mexico. The kids still remember, when we lived here before, going to the drive-in.  There is something, really, really cool about sitting there, under a million stars and watching a movie.

Last night we saw the 'family' double feature. For $15 we got a carload entry and a double feature. Yes, that's right. $15. We saw "Jack the Giant Slayer' and 'Escape From Planet Earth.'  Both were really good and we had a fun night.  :)

When we lived in Montana I had a little ritual. I would get up on those deep cold Saturdays (which was EVERY SATURDAY THAT I LIVED THERE) and I would lose myself in a few blogs, while my family slept. I discovered the now famous Stephanie at that time... and Pioneer Woman... and there was always time spent at Apartment Therapy.  I loved that for a little while it was me and my coffee cup and getting lost in a recipe or family adventure. Apartment Therapy-I can't explain why I enjoyed it so...I just did.

Over the last six years, since Montana, things changed and until today when I linked them...I couldn't tell you the last time I went to or read blogs regularly. Yes, if someone links an interesting post or shares a find-I will check it out. I have just grown out of the habit of taking the time, or making the time to read.

When I got on the Internet in 1996-I fell in love with (what was at the time called) journals. Online peeks into people's day to day. I loved it-and was sold and wanted to do that. I didn't actually start my blog until almost ten years later.

All of that to say-I have missed being here. I have missed sharing pictures and stories of pieces of life.

I don't know how it will all come together-
But I hope, something about here...makes you, like those blogs from my Montana days, want to drop by, find a little happy and visit.

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