Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh, I know who your Daddy is...

today I woke, fixed some coffee & logged into Facebook. It's typically how I start my day.

I was greeted with a status update of a friend that posted part of the lyrics to Brandon Heath's "Give Me Your Eyes''

My kids sing this in Kids Choir and it's one of their favorites-- the message is incredble.

give me your eyes for just one second
give me your eyes so I can see
everthing that I keep missing
give me your love for humanity
give me your arms for the broken hearted
ones that are far beyond my reach
give me your heart for the ones forgotten
give me your eyes so I can see

Today was a busy day...there was a bank run, then all the way across town (20+mins) to take Elijah to therapy, then after therapy a trip to the grocery store.

Errand day means lots of radio time and today, because God is like He is, the playlist seemed to repeat the message. I heard Audio Adrenlines "Hands and Feet" twice and the icing was hearing Warren Barfields, "Mistaken.''

God's timing always amazes me. Because it has been in the last few days that I have been ministered to the most-by friends, being the hands and feet of Jesus, in my life.

As our day was winding down, we stopped at the grocery store. This store, my Daddy happens to work at part time. I've come to know some of the workers and some of them recognize me and will speak. Today, however, after buzzing around, trying to hurry, in my haste I picked up 5 lbs bags of potatoes instead of 10.

While the cashier was rining up the rest of my order I head over to produce to fix my mistake. I'm grabbing the bags when I hear "Oh, I know who your Daddy is, he works up front.'' It was the produce manager. I did a little chit chat, got to agree with him about how sweet my Momma was and then I headed back to the front, paid and loaded up the stuff in the truck.

As I was driving home, it hit me.

I want people to see me and say, "I know who your Daddy is...''

I want to be mistaken for Jesus.


Madame Rubies said...

Oh, wow. Just WOW, Cheri. This is so wonderful.

Holly said...

That's good preachin' right there.