Thursday, August 27, 2009

because it's Thursday

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and I haven't blogged in forever.


I'm caught up in the middle of school, the routine may well be the death of me. :)

I'm back to getting up at 5 a.m. , the kids are up at 7, we start school at 8 and are done by about 1, most days. The rest of the day is filled with errands and therapies and such.

I currently have a prayer shawl on my hook. My Aunts, grandmother died recently and I'm making her one.

I'm so excited Fall is on the way--granted, then Winter will come an dI will be longig for Summer...but for now, I'll roll around in the glory that is almost Fall. :)

My mom is still dealing with shingles--it has been awful, but she is improving some--PTL.

This feels scattered, I'm sure. But I wanted to check in. I'm alive, I'm still trying to find my routine--thank you for hanging in there.

Happy Thursday!

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