Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 1

Today was our first day of homeschooling for this year.

I have to say-overall it went very well.

It always takes a week or two to find your flow and work though the kinks--but considering that I added another grade level.

Circle time, was kinda bumpy--but I do feel it's going to be a really good addition and kind of pull things together. In circle time, we had devotion/daily bible reading, started learning the books of the Old Testament, worked on telling time with regular and Roman Numerals, then I did some reading aloud from several sources.

The rest of the day I just kind of moved from subject to subject. This is where the first couple of weeks just works to getting into a groove.

AE totally did a reading lesson. I have no doubt she'll be reading by years end. (skeery)

I'm looking forward to this year. I think it's really going to be a good one. :)

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Rhonda said...

And a good time was had by all . . . :)