Saturday, September 28, 2013

While I Was Away...(and various other ramblings and thoughts on a Saturday morning...this one is picture heavy, folks)

I discovered blogs in 1997...only way back then, they were called online journals. I loved reading the day to day, seeing the photos, hearing their stories & I fell into a pattern of reading about the lives of those I'd met ...  along the way, those journals and eventually blogs, brought some amazing people into my life.  Life changes and somewhere I've stopped reading blogs and I've stopped writing in mine.

But here is the thing. While I would never coin myself a writer & I don't have a desire to write for attention...I do love the idea of what blogging represents. I love taking photos of my day to day life ... the food, the places, the spaces . I'm not a photographer or a professional blogger or a chef-but does that mean I can't then take a photo of a cake I bake or a sunset or write about what happens? I like those parts of my day-and I'm going to embrace them more. 

Last week or , well, this week , I took a little break from being online *so* much. NOW , this is not now going to turn into some mini sermon on redeeming the time, or any all. This was all about me. Because I KNOW me and how I operate.  I love and adore Facebook. Because I love the people I have as friends there. I love hearing their stuff and seeing their photos. 
But I am learning that this school year is going to require more of me...and I've had to adjust my online time and commitments to accommodate that. It's not a bad thing-but it's a necessary thing. 

All that to say , I still plan to be there & I also want to work on getting back here. Taking a bit of time , a few times a document the typical, ordinary days that are making up my life. :)

I crocheted a lot this week... I made a little birthday heart banner for a dear friend...

a little quote that currently resides on our fridge...

The younger kids are studying Egypt and made papyrus  for school ...

for all of the nothing that West Texas sure has a lot of pretty

Donald taught AE some Korean

While in Midland for Donald's treatment, I took the kids to see the childhood home of George W. Bush...

I finished one of the projects I'm doing for Middle Places. We are hosting another auction to benefit Rapha House (rescuing women and girls from the sex trade ) in October! 

I cook, a lot. 
I take photos of what I cook...

These were a BIG hit (recipe via pinterest)

another hit (recipe via epicurious)

I read a lot , crocheted a lot, took a lot of photos, cooked a lot, realigned my focus, had some new ideas, let go of some old ones, looked at some things a different way...I took a few days to see where my time was going and to see how I could still do those things and other things and get ALL THE THINGS done. :)

I'm thankful if you share the journey. 

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