Monday, May 27, 2013

well, I didn't mean to not post...


I didn't mean not to post...
and now
it feels like there is so much to post...

Let's see...
We leave here June 5th... that's approaching rather quickly so this week I will start the process of getting things ready to leave.

We are headed to the beach June 6th-10/11th . Donald will be deep sea diving and I will be listening to oceans crash and turning 40.

This weekend we went to Albuquerque. Donald had a long weekend so we thought a little mini adventure...
We drove up Saturday and did the Sandia Peak Tramway...very amazingly cool-VERY high.
We stayed at lovely hotel.
Sunday we got up to do the zoo and botanical gardens...
my Suburban
my ten year old
has traveled a lot of miles
has covered the US of A
favorite vehicle
started overheating...
and (to spare a lot of stops and starts and a burn on Donald's arm from coolant stories)
she finally gave up the ghost and died...

we ended up looking for cars.
Donald ended up looking and buying
a new minivan
and she's pretty
and swoony
and I am so not a fan of minivans
just am not
but this one
is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
and i'm falling in love.

and so
now I realized that this week is busy...
so much catching up on laundry and such from the weekend...
i have to do a big grocery run
i have grass to cut
have to drive back to Albuquerque for some paper work stuffs...

I'm currently pondering the summer...
and what I'm going to do
and the kids
as far as spending time in the word.
I'm going to allow myself this week to get a plan together...
then I'll share here. :D

Hope yall had a nice weekend and a great week.

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