Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a taste for more...(from the archives)

jacob and esau
you and i

day to day


esau was hungry,

seemingly night unto death...

and for a bowl of soup

for the momentary satiation of his senses

the warmth in his belly

the feeling of full

he gave away forever...

the swirl of the spoon in the bowl,

a slurp of the simmering soup,

the enticing aroma

all promised him

contentment, satisfaction, bliss...

we hardly imagine that we'd so easily give up our forever...

until we do...

in that moment

we sit glutted

and our soul


and the pain of empty in our belly

matches the pain in our heart

at the realization

that the morsel of the moment...

the forbidden fruit...

the tantilizing taste...

the second serving of selfish seeking...

has left us

looking into an bare bowl

and leading an empty life

the good thing about empty...

it is full of possibilities-

an empty cross, showed redemption

an empty tomb, promised hope

and a starving soul & empty bowl...the perfect placeholder for The Bread of Life



Madame Rubies said...

Oh wow. Never thought of this story so in depth. I love it. I always focus more on Jacob. But, lately, I have noticed I am raising Jacob and Esau, so it may pay to try to understand Esau.

Cheri said...

I think we all more readily identify with Jacob...but we are more, in truth, like Esau. ...