Friday, July 16, 2010

Where is the dreamer...

Here comes that dreamer...let's kill him, throw him into one of these cisterns and say that an animal devoured him, then we'll see what becomes of his dreams....
Gen. 37:19
Did you read that verse?
Now, no one would argue Joesph was a bit of a brat and a braggart with his dreams and all...
but can you imagine your brothers plotting against you, selling you into slavery, putting you in the way of suffering and troubles...
Joseph was a little tainted and frustrated against them
{and probably asked you ask why? do you see the stuff happening around you, in your life and just want to scream WHY WHY WHY WHY... I do...oh I do...}
The thing about life, Joseph's or mine (or yours...) circumstances will make us angry...they will break our hearts, they will knock the breath from us...
we'll wonder,
we'll question,
we just want to know why
and we'll be angry
and we have to decide
(we always have to decide)
what are we going to do with that angst, that fire in the pit of our stomach, that ...
we can hold it
we can clinch our fist, our nails can dig into our flesh, the veins popping for the tension of holding.on...
see if your hand is clasped (a picture of us ...holding our anger...)
you are imprisoned
because you are angry alright...
(and YOU MAY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO sometimes simply stinks)
you are holding on, clutching, occupied,
if you open your hand
it's free
you can pick up,
what to do with your hand...
holding on the the anger
but it's a prison
opening up your hand
letting it go
that's harder
but look
your hands are empty
touch some possibilities
clasp some forgiveness
go ahead...
what they meant for evil in Joseph's life...God meant for good
for good
it's all going to be good
scoop up some grace
let it slip through your fingers like sand
and see
just see
what becomes of your dreams...


Ginger said...

I virtually stumbled across your blog while googling Koolaid ideas for mothers (uhm, yeah. You read that right...I seriously found cause to google new things to do with that 5-for-a-dollar magic powder. Screaming :"Heeeey Koolaid" is pure hype). Anywho, finding your blog was serendipitous- you expressed some of the same things I have been wrestling with and gave me a fresh perspective. You have done so in a relatable and entertaining way. I simply want to say "kudos on Kudzu and Koolaid"- your words, your effort, and the mind behind both- are appreciated. Appreciation is something all too seldom expressed and universally needed. So shine on little Georgian light! Your anonymous albeit adoring audience awaits (ayep, that's 5! 5 "a" words...ah, ah, ah!)

Skipper said...

This is just beautiful, Cheri. Thank you!

Betriska said...

Yep. Right on target, Missie. I'm learning to unclench my fists and BREATHE.