Thursday, July 1, 2010

threads showing...

I took my truck to have the front end aligned the other day.

I knew I needed tires, both my Daddy and my brother had pointed that out to me...

but my daddy said to get the front end aligned
so, because I'm super obedient (HA!) I did that first. :)

I took it to the shop where they did their thing and the man walked out, slip in hand and proceeded to talk to me.

On the slip I see ...

''needs four tires...
NEEDS two front tires-threads are showing interior''

The man then tells me about needing tires and explains that the interior front tires have threads showing and he says they can blow out and you'll have a lot of body damage-so I needed to take care of that.

The tires, when you look at my truck...don't look dangerous...
because it's the interior
(but the damage is there...)
the threads are showing...
the potential for a blow out
and the results of a blow out
and lots
and lots of
body damage...

now if you know me,
you know
that God used that practical conversation to speak to my heart
(cause God fully understands and how simple He has to keep it!)

is that not a picture of us?

so often we look

but the threads are showing
the damage is there

and we are walking around
'driving' on borrowed treads
just edging on a blow out

and when the blow out comes
and it will...
anytime our 'interior' (our heart)
isn't kept
anytime we 'drive' around
finding our own way
finding our our route
driving any distance to seek our fill
doing doughnuts in the parking lot of self...
we are just dancing with a blow out...
tires and our Spirit can only handle so much wear and tear...before
the blow out...

we can avoid the damage...
our alignment may get out of whack...
our tires may show thread...
but we don't have to go and go and go until
the blow out

we can stop
and let Him make all things new...

brand new day
brand new grace
brand new tires


1 comment:

Madame Rubies said...

A perfect picture of how I am feeling this week. And I am pretty sure my husband would say the same for himself. Our threads are showing.