Friday, July 2, 2010

Christmas doesn't really work out for me...

{yesterday was free movie day at our local theater...they were showing The Polar Express. (woot woot of my favorite modern Christmas movies) If you've read here, much at all, you know that I pull spiritual parallels from lots of daily doings. The Polar Express is no different. :) I actually blogged before, a few yrs ago about it...but, yesterday, it hit me differently}

Have you seen The Polar Express?

The kid no longer hears the bell, but so badly wants to...

he is taken on this fantastic journey to the North Pole via The Polar Express where there are friends, and fun hot chocolate dancing men, a wise and savvy conductor, a sage hobo and ultimately Santa Claus...

and in the end
he hears the bells. :)

But the stories within...the bits of truth, or what I received as truth are what make me love this movie...

there is a kid, you understand a poorer kid...that life hasn't always been rosy for...
he's the last stop on the way to the North Pole...
hair askew
confidence lacking
he separates himself from the group
sitting in a different car
at one point when he is sought out and asked about the trip and Christmas and the like
he responds,
''christmas has never really worked out for me''

scramble up some letters
and there is something ...

''Christians have never really worked out for me''

Sometimes, as a Christian I am so ashamed of how ''we'' act...
and the stuff we peddle...
we will judge
and speak harshly
and then blanket it over by saying,
'oh i'm not perfect, just forgiven.'


cause you sound a little self righteous
to me

(and I sound a little self righteous to me, a lot...lest you think I am pointing anywhere other than myself)

it truly breaks my heart
at how
we have a world of people
people who are hungry
for love
for something real

and they fill that void
that need
other than what will truly fill it...

because the people that represent
what they need
are such

we are so redeemed
so holy
so fixed
that we put out there
this idea
that we have attained
and maybe,
just maybe
if you'll work really hard
and be really different
then you too can be loved by Christ...

and God's heart breaks into a million pieces

God is holy
and righteous
never, ever mistake that...

but God
met people where they were
and he LOVED them
and he accepted them
and HE changed them...

that Christian thing doesn't work out for them...
because of us...

but the movie
and people give me hope...

after going to the North Pole and seeing his gift, the boy that Christmas has just never worked out for his heart took root and in his countenance you see a bit of belief...

and upon returning to his home, he goes into the house, discovers the gift he'd seen at the North Pole and runs to the porch to show his friends still on the train...

and the response, whispered between them was, ''it's amazing...''

Oh, if we can ever love people, really...really...really love people. If we can love them where they are, and show them true concern and compassion. If we can ever
to this world

you'd see the change in them...
they would run out, carrying the gift


it's amazing!

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