Saturday, March 20, 2010

it's never what it seems...

So this week, it broke that Jesse James has been having an affair with a tattooed lady...

Please know, going into this post I stand by my mantra, ''anyone is capable of anything...anyone...anything''

That he cheated on his wife, isn't so shocking. I mean people do it everyday.
That he cheated on Sandra Bullock.

The flesh is so capable of falling.
Women are so able to lure, to use their bodies, their wits, their 'damsel in distress, weaknesses' against men.
Now, I am not giving men an out.

Ultimately, everyone is responsible for their choices and actions.

I think men have a hard time.
I think this world is designed to make it harder for men to be circumspect.
I think when you take visual creatures
and you take women that flaunt what they have visually...
then you have a battle.

My heart breaks for Sandra Bullock.
How she must feel rejected.
I so wish, so wish, Jesse James could have paused...
could have stopped
and thought
I wish he could have seen how his choice
his giving into
the temptation
would make his wife feel.
how it would effect her...
how she would carry that around...
so heavy.

The whole situation makes me wonder...what is enough?
I mean they have money...
perfect bodies...
and still not satisfied...

what fills that need
that longing
if all of those things don't...


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