Saturday, March 27, 2010

the difference between a doormat and a doorway...

have you ever observed a situation and from the comfort of it not being you, you wax sagely on how you'd go about things...if it were???

it's often easy to fix others, huh? :)

Jesus said, ''i came that you may have life, and have it abundantly.''

he wants that for us.
but so often
our choices, our shackles, our guilt,
our whatever
holds us in this 'place'...

we don't think we can have...
or deserve ''life abundant''
so we don't allow it...

somehow we will pay our dues
and continue to swim around in a pool of mediocre
as if that will somehow
pay for us...being, um, us.

we are swimming around, showing God how sorry we are
that we aren't better
more godly
and all the while he is thinking
hey you
down there

i have this huge life of abundant JOY i have carved out for you
and yet
every time
I see you
you are swimming
all the mess you have created.

don't you think that saddens the heart of the God that dances over us?
that we'd settle
in an effort
to humble ourselves enough
to deserve him to cast his eye our way...

we deign to be a doormat
when we are one step from the Doorway.

think about it
you walk up to a home
and there in front of the door ...
the doormat
(it catches the stuff we don't want inside)
one little step
changes everything
because ONE STEP
and you are over the thresh hold...
you are in the Doorway...

you are in the house
what you had no ''right'' to as the doormat...
what you wouldn't claim as your own
while out on the porch...
now it's yours

have at it

go ahead
take that step
walk though the Door

He's been waiting for you.



Maria said...

Cheri that is great and what i needed

Madame Rubies said...

I love this new poetic blogging style of yours.