Monday, July 16, 2007


I feel like I have stuff looming. Not necessarily a bad looming...but just lots of stuff I want to do and I need some organization. :)

I made my longer to do/project list over there on the left. But breaking that down further this week my goal is to finish the log cabin baby blanket, finish the two corkscrew scarves that are nearing completion and do two quick hats to match scarves I've already made for the indian reservation mission project. Finishing off these projects this week will allow me to get to what I feel is a 'clean slate' or more organized point to move on to the rest of the list. Right now these feel like loose ends (the scarves and needed hats).

Next, I'll move on to my kiddos scarves/hats/fingerless gloves and work on the babette. I need to finish it in August for sure.

The that leaves me with Sept/Oct to work exclusively on Christmas projects.

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