Friday, July 27, 2007

Getting ready for winter...

in Montana. :) If you don't read my daily blog, we found out Wednesday we are being transferred to Montana. We have to be there Sept. 16th. :)

I had plans to make the kids a scarf and hat anyway, since it was likely to snow here in New Mexico during our stay, and we were planning on a ski trip up to the mountains. Now, we will be living where it will be snowing for sure and we will have winter for 4 months AT LEAST, lol. :)

I made these hats yesterday. I like Anna-Elizabeth's. I am not liking Elijah's at all. I think I will end up ripping out the bottom row, then redoing the ear flaps and trim. Today I am working on the older boys with a different pattern :)

Anna-Elizabeth's hat

Elijah's hat...

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