Thursday, June 13, 2013

the summer of my big intent ....

So, it is summer...
and I have some big plans...
and I figure you want to know about them.

of course you do. :D

This summer I intend to:

take back my fitness level... this last year has been a rut...
I plan to run, walk on non run days, bike, work arms/legs and core ... also a sit up and push up challenge.
I started today-and it goes for 12 weeks.

to take really good care of my feet.
yeah, I know.
but truth is...I go barefoot a lot...and my feet -ugh.
I have pedicures about once a month...they aren't completely gnarly...I just want to intentionally take better care of them...

along with-

my skin...
I hit the big 4-0 ...
I've always taken care of my skin...this summer I am stepping it up a notch...or trying out different things...
moisturizing twice a day, vitamin e for fine lines, sugar scrubs once a week, coffee scrubs (legs) twice a week, baking soda for my teeth... (basically i'm applying all those tips you've pinned on pinterest-i'm gonna test them out this summer.)

and I'm getting my gel nails removed.
yeah, did you even know?
Probably not.
because i've only had them about six weeks.
I love pretty nails.
New Mexico-the dry, destroyed mine. They were constantly breaking .
I thought  that getting a gel overlay was the ticket...
but I've yet to fall in love with them (and I used to have them all the time)
So, biotin, vit d, and Burt's Bees cuticle cream and we will see what we can make of the nails-again.

a lot. I have tons of books on the Kindle app on my phone and I've culled thru and picked out some that line up with my intentions for the summer.

I'm also memorizing Psalm 40 and my kids are working on the Psalm that corresponds with the age they are turning this year too.

I'm considering an internet fast of some sort-trying to work out the dynamics of that.

But , it's June.
It's summer.
Three months of nothing but possibilities to become better.



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