Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday something...

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The magical time when I buy the first sunscreen with the purpose of deliberate in the sun time planned. 

We are heading to the beach for my birthday in about six weeks and there is about to be daily doses of sun in preparation. Ahhhhh.

In other news:

the Eucerine shower oil as shampoo. I am not still using it..but I didn't hate it. I also didn't love it. It said it was fragrance free...but ended up smelling like Murphy's Oil Soap to me , after repeated uses. I do love the results on AE's long makes it look very smooth.  

I also got some of the Plegde Multi Surface with Fabreeze. I love the scent (vanilla and lavendar) but the results...ugh. streaky on the stainless steel appliances and filmy on glass surfaces. 

Ah...and LemiShine has proven to be my favorite find....for the hardwater issues in the dishwashwer. It is amazing and keeps things super clean and shiny with no film. 

(who knew you would get product reviews....)

In an effort to avoid the chaos that was last week at dinner time...I have made a menu and done the shopping. This week's menu:

Monday- Loaded potato and chicken casserole (a kid pick from Pinterest)
I will make me a smothered chicken breast to keep it low carb but without have to cook a separate meal.

Tuesday - crockpot bbq sandwiches 
(pork shoulder on a bed of onions, topped with some diet dr. pepper and bbq sauce , cooked all day)
baked beans

Wednesday -Orange Ginger Chicken (another Pinterest pick from the kids)
obviously they want chicken instead of pork chops...
roasted cabbage (no fennel seeds....)

Thursday- Low Country Boil -esk idea...
I will be making my favorite shrimp recipe from Pinterest (only I melt the butter then add a layer of sliced lemon ...then the shrimp and seasonings and bake) 
There will be boiled potatoes and corn on the cob
smoked sausage
cajun grilled fish

Pizza night!  

Here's to a good week! 

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