Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So, I washed my hair with oil...

It's true.
I was on Pinterest and saw a pin about hair ...
since my currently daily pattern is talking myself through daily affirmations go something like...

you are more than your bad hair...
everyone wants hair that's chin length...
lots of colors are good...lots of colors are good...

(heh...ok, listen, brought all this hair stuff upon myself...I had a GREAT stylist and colorist in Georgia, I'm the one that wanted the halo of dark chocolate brown. I'm the one that wanted to cut off 5 inches. ME ME ME ME ME. It's all me.... but anyway...)

So, I'm reading and I come across this pin that said she took Biotin, she brushed her hair nightly, only used the hair dryer on low, never flat ironed and washed her hair with Eucerin Shower Oil . (I can't find the pin now, of course, because I didn't pin it...argh)
Now, I am familiar with the Eucerin brand. I had NO idea they made body wash/shower oil.
The pinner compared the shower oil to the Wen hair products.
It's worth noting I have never used Wen and can't compare my results to what their product would supply.

With that said, I set off to Walgreens to locate shower oil.

Let me also say.
I have decent hair.
It's thick, has natural body and volume and is not oily .
So with that said.

I really liked the results.

The shower oil is fragrance free and it's a low lather. 
I also skipped conditioner (which I use daily and I deep condition twice a week)
but I wanted to get ''true'' results. 
I used it on Anna-Elizabeth's hair last night (she's seven and her  hair is mid length of her back)

My hair feels really soft.
It has that salon feeling ... springy and SUPER shiny.

With Anna-Elizabeth, she also had very few tangles (and we allllllllllways use conditioner with her and we skipped it too) and it's shiny and so very soft. 

I did follow up with my argan oil while it was damp and then used my flat iron.

I am a little surprised how much I liked the results-I kind of expected it to be one of those fails. I mean, who uses shower OIL on their hair? Really? 
I am going to continue to use it , just to see if it continues to work out so nicely but I will be adding condition/deep conditioning back into the mix.


Stacey Lozano said...

You know what would really be helpful? If you could find a curly girl and give her a sample to try so I can know if it works as well for her. LOL I may have to find some though and test the waters. Heck, if it doesn't work I just use it for it's intended purpose I guess. :)

Cheri said...

Stacey-I started using Vit. e to clean my face back in September and that was my thought-if it didn't work on my hair, then I could use it on body or maybe even my face. If I were in GA I would totally have my crazy curly niece use it for test purposes. :D