Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grace that is greater than all my sin [archive dive May 2006]

I yelled.

Today I yelled at my oldest child. I'm not proud of it. And I can say that I am not a yeller in general. Because really, yelling accomplishes nothing. And when someone yells at me...I simply tune them out. So for me I've always worked pretty hard not to be a yeller.

Well all that went by the wayside and I yelled.

And then I cried and felt like poo. I apologized for handling myself wrongly and asked for forgivness and it was given.

Later in the day I must have apologized again or mentioned it. Then as I was tucking him in I apologized again. He kind of sighed and said ''momma you've already apologized three times today. I forgive you''

And at that moment my son modeled Jesus to me, yet again. How often do I go to God and ask forgivness..only to go back and remind him I need forgivness time and time again. And all the while He's saying ''Cheri you've already asked, I've already given it...MOVE ON''

Why do we let our failures consume us? I'm not saying we should just brush it off when we fail. But the fact of the matter is we are human...we are flesh. We are not perfect. We ARE GOING TO FAIL. But the thing is, while failure is assured, wallowing in it is optional.

Sometimes I'm amazed at how blessed I am with these kiddos God has trusted me with.

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