Sunday, June 27, 2010

Me too...

I see the lip poke out...

the eyes gloss over, tears ready to spill...

and then,

"but that's not how I wanted that to happen.''

bitter disappointment
in a four year old world...

I can identify with my girlie...
I was handed a dose of disappointment recently
and I'd have to say my reaction,
pretty much mirrored my baby girl.

our expectations

they will set us up, every time...

we will believe the best
we will accept less
we will pretend something doesn't matter
we will allow ourselves to settle
we will hope against hope

and we will be disappointed

and the sting


the realization, that we set ourselves up for it

it's a hard thing

I told my girl.
"that's not what you wanted to happen, I know, but it is what happened SO now, what are you going to do???"

we are not promised to not be disappointed
or hurt

but we can decide how to deal with those things...

we can chose to close ourselves off
and protect ourselves

or we can trust
that love is never wasted...
chances are worth taking...
God redeems...

beauty for ashes
strength for fear
gladness for morning
peace for despair

it's worth it, baby girl.
i'll always believe it's worth it.

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Madame Rubies said...

Am reading Plan B by Pete Wilson. The subtitle is something along the lines of this post. What Happens When God Doesn't Show Up How You Think He Will. I am struggling with that, here lately. Like AE, it there is one area of life that isn't turning out how I thought it would - how I thought GOD wanted it to. I am having to face that it is time to wait. Did you read the poem I posted called "Are You Coming?"

Cannot wait to see you.