Friday, August 3, 2007

It is finished...almost

The log cabin baby blanket is almost done. I have 6.5 more rows and then just weaving in some ends and it is complete. I really like the pattern a lot. It is one I will make again for sure. However if I make it for a baby blanket I will stop at log 9. As you can see in the picture the finished one (12 logs) is going to be large. Perfect for a throw or lap blanket, but seems a bit large and bulky for a baby blanket. I used Red Heart in Buff, Cafe, Light Blue, Navy and delft blue in this one.
Log Cabin Baby Blanket
Here is a picture of all the kids hats too. You can see Elijah's (red) is a bit bigger I'm thinking I must have added a row, so I'll fix that. :)


Happy Weekend...

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stacey said...

Purty purty! I commented on the blanket at flickr, but the hats came out too cute too! I might follow the link you left me and make a few for around here. Course, you will need them more than we will. ROFL